Drop Cable Splice Box

SY-4007 Drop Cable Splice Box

DSB series drop cable splice box is able to hold up to 1-2 subscribers drop cable. It is used as a termination point for the drop cable to connect with path cable or as drop cable storage box access to ONT in FTTH indoor application, It integrates fiber termination,strong and cable connection in one solid protection box.
Dust-proof design with IP-45 Protection level.
Industrial SAS PBT-VO flame resistance material.
Protect the fiber splice sleeve(45-60mm)from damage.
Easy to maintain and expand the capacity.
Suitable for the wall mounting installation.
Embedded type surface, easy for installation .
1-2port cable entrance choice for drop cable or pigtail.
Material Size Max Storage Capacity Mounting Way Weight Colour
ABS AxBxC(mm) DSB Fibers
Wall Mounting 8g White
10x10x110 SY-4007 1pcs