Fiber Optic Splice Closure

SY-2009Fiber Optic Splice Closure(Vertical Type)

The fiber optic junction box is a passive device that provides a very good protection for fiber optic contacts. Overhead installation, pipe installation and underground installation are all feasible. Buried optical fiber junction box, also known as horizontal optical fiber junction box, fiber input and output on both sides of the fiber optic cable joint box. The horizontal optical cable joint box is suitable for the application of the backbone network. Cixi three Ye communications equipment Co., Ltd. can provide different shapes of buried optical fiber cable joint box. All connector boxes have good sealing performance. High quality PC+ABS material, whether overhead, pipe or buried, is very durable.
Installation convenience.
Protection level reaches P66.
High quality ABS material ensures durability.
Applicable to diameter of phi 5mm- Phi 38mm fiber cable can be overhead, buried, pipe, downhole, hole installation.
Adapt to environmental temperature from -40 to +65 centigrade.
Material  Type Size(H×D) Number of welding discs
Input / output quantity
Cable Diameter
Maximum capacity (number of cores)
Buried (horizontal)
φ5mm-φ25mm  Bundle: 48 core, ribbon: 72 core