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Brief introduction and application of optical fiber distribution frame

Subordinate Classification:News CenterRelease Time:2017-08-30
Optical fiber distribution frame for the exchange bureau, the large capacity of CATV optical fiber system, optical fiber communication system centraloffice backbone fiber optic cable into the end and distribution, can conveniently realize the connection, allocation and scheduling of optical fiber cable. (IBM, ACS, 1U, fiber optic distribution frame, LC joint, the highest density can achieve 72 core)

Brief introduction of optical fiber distribution frame

Optical fiber distribution frame, ODF, optical fiber unit box, cable box, optical fiber distribution box, cable connecting box, cable terminal box, integrated wiring cabinet, network cabinet, hanging wall cabinet, outdoor cabinet, user access box, Home Furnishing wiring box, digital distribution frame, DDF, audio wiring cable series, junction box, junction box. The transfer box, made of sheet metal.

Overview of optical fiber distribution box

Optical fiber distribution frame ODF (Fiber Optic Distribution Frame), also known as optical fiber distribution cabinet, is used in optical fiber communication network for optical fiber cable, optical fiber termination, protection, connection and management of wiring equipment. This device can realize the cable fixing, stripping and grounding protection, as well as a variety of optical fiber splice, jump, redundant fiber coiling and reasonable laying, wiring scheduling and other functions, supporting equipment between the transmission media and transmission equipment.